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About The Company:

Welcome to Goddess of Herbs. Some of you may remember me as Unique Visions by Jen. I decided to change my name to Goddess of Herbs so that I could focus on one of my passions of herbal and natural healing. Goddess of Herbs focuses on learning about herbs and their unique benefits, their amazing ability to assist the body in healing and this highly affordable way to maintain great health & wellness! I invite you to explore the depths of herbal health and wellness. Please utilize the links at the top of my site that explain some things about my products and general herbal educational material that you will find super beneficial. I also encourage you to sign up for my newsletter to take full advantage of the sales and offers I send out as well as to find out even more information about amazing herbal benefits.

About Me:

My name is Jen. I’ve always been fond of the energies of herbal healing and natural energies. I used to be so stuck in the conforms of society and western medicine that my health was suffering because of it. The endless prescription drugs and side effects made me feel depressed and heavy. I made the change when I realized that herbal remedies worked well for me. I was able to get off of several prescription medications and now I cannot stop. Through my experience, research and observations, I fully began to trust in herbal healing. This is truly a personal choice. I make no claims to cure anything. I only seek to assist people in building the general health and resistance of the body by providing herbals and natural remedies that stimulate healing. Each person has unique metabolic differences and what may stimulate healing in one individual may be ineffective or perhaps even harmful to another.

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