Actions of Herbs


Actions of Herbs

Have you ever been curious as to what some of the actions of herbs mean? You know, those words often beginning with Anti- in the front? Well they are medical terminology that describe the actions the herb has on the body, either internally or externally.

Abortifacient - inducing abortion

Adjuvant - aiding the action of a medicinal agent

Analeptic - restorative or stimulating effect on central nervous system

Analgesic- Any Medicine Such As Aspirin That Reduces Pain Without Inducing Unconsciousness

Anaphrodisiac - reduces capacity for sexual arousal

Anesthetic- Causing The Reduction Of Pain Sensitivity

Anti-Aging- Related To The Lessening Or Halting Of The Aging Process

Antianemic - preventing or curing anemia

Antibacterial- Killing Or Inhibiting Bacteria

Antibilious - easing stomach stress

Antibiotic- A Powerful Medicine That Fights Bacterial Infections

Anti catarrh - reduces inflamed mucous membranes of head and throat

Antidepressant- An Agent That Prevents Or Counteracts Depression

Antidiabetic - preventing or relieving diabetes

Antidiuretic- Substances use to prevent or treat diarrhea

Antiemetic - Stopping vomiting

Antifungal- Inhibits The Growth Of Fungi

Antihemorrhagic - Controlling hemorrhaging or bleeding

Antirheumatic - Easing pain of rheumatism, inflammation of joints and muscles

Anti-infectious - Counteracting infection

Anti-Inflammatory- Acting To Reduce Certain Signs Of Inflammation/Swelling

Antimicrobial- Inhibiting The Growth Of Microbes (Harmful Types Of Bacteria)

Antioxidant- Any Substance That Acts To Slow Or Prevent The Oxidation Of Another Chemical

Anti Parricide- Antiparasitic, Keeping Parasites Away

Antipruritic - Preventing or relieving itching

Antipyretic - Agent that reduces fever (febrifuge)

Antiseptic- Cleaned Of Germs And Other Microorganisms Or Contamination

Antispasmodic- Referring To Something That Suppresses Spasms

Antitussive - Controlling or preventing cough

Anti-Ulcer- Serving To Prevent Or Counteract Ulcers

Antiviral- Inhibiting The Growth And Reproduction Of A Virus

Anaphrodisiac - Reduces capacity for sexual arousal

Aphrodisiac- Arousing Or Intensifying Sexual Desire

Cicatrizant- A Medicine Or Application That Promotes The Healing Of A Sore Or A Wound

Coagulant- A Means Of Curdling From A Liquid To A Semi-Massive

Curative- Serving To Heal Or Cure

Diuretic- Increasing The Amount Of Frequency Of Urination

Expectorant- To Cough Up Fluid From The Lungs

Laxative- Having An Effect Of Moving The Bowels Or Aiding Digestion And Preventing Constipation

Nervine- Quieting Nervous Excitement, Affecting The Nerves

Narcotic- Reduces Pain, Induces Sleep, May Alter Mood Or Behavior (Substance)

Preventative- Preventing Disease

Sedative- An Agent Or Drug That Has A Calming Or Soothing Effect

Soporific - Inducing sleep

Stimulant- Something That Promotes Activity (Either Physiological, Nervous, Etc.)

Stomachic - aids the stomach and digestion action

Sudorific - acts to increase perspiration

Tonic- A Drink Intended To Restore Or Invigorate

Vulnerary- Useful For Healing Wounds (A Healing Drug Or Other Agent)

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