• Peridot Crystal Vile Pendant
Peridot Crystal Vile Pendant

Peridot Crystal Vile Pendant

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Peridot Mini Vial Pendant

Size: 20x40mm glass vial bottle with pendant loop for chain.
Contents: Peridot Chip beads
Cork is sealed in with glue

Stone & Properties


Especially good for the eyes
For insight and inspiration
Promotes eloquence
Against weather sensitivity
Grounding and gives balance
Stimulates recovery after illness
Operations and tissue regeneration after injuries
Strengthens the heart
Gives inspiration and eloquence
Protects against negative influences
Wear during pregnancy, but also for women that suffer from postpartum depressions
Protection stone that enhances psychic powers
Enhances insights during divination and the possibilities of the higher self
Just like all other green stones Peridot is used in money magic
Peridot is also called Olivine or Chrysolite 

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