• Sodalite Crystal Vile Pendant
Sodalite Crystal Vile Pendant

Sodalite Crystal Vile Pendant

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Sodalite Mini Vial Pendant

Size: 20x40mm glass vial bottle with pendant loop for chain.
Contents: Sodalite Chip beads
Cork is sealed in with glue
Stone & Properties:
Soothes restlessness
Promotes faithfulness
Intuition and the third eye
Helps against high blood pressure
Sodalite harmonizes
Strengthens the nerves
Is grounding
Promotes self faithfulness
Gives one the courage to stand behind one's own opinions and to realize goals
For lymph nodes, brain, against x-ray radiation and promotes vitality
Puts one at ease especially those that suffer from nervous disorders
For pancreas, liver, kidneys, ovaries and testicles
Against ringing ears and dizzy spells
For a healthy sleep
Against irritability
Strengthens self esteem
In magick Sodalite is used for healing, peace and wisdom
Sodalite is also an excellent meditation stone

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