• Feminine Energy Pendant ON SALE
Feminine Energy Pendant ON SALE

Feminine Energy Pendant ON SALE

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Harness the feminine earth energy with the herbs contained in this vial pendant. Wear this pendant to carry the herbal properties associated with women’s health. Allow them to aid, assist and guide you through your day. Helps with general woman energy or anything feminine. Males can also use this pendant to assist in balancing the natural estrogen in their bodies as well.

Properties of Herbs:

Chaste Tree Berries-Helps control the symptoms of PMS and relieves moodiness as well as physical bloating and discomfort that go with PMS. Menstrual cycle is known to  become more predictable and regulated. Breast milk will remain strong and steady
Astragalus- This herbal remedy has been used to treat heavy bleeding affecting women during their menstrual cycle
Licorice Root-Immune system health, anti fatigue and antistress
Ginger Root-Excellent for menstrual cramps and suppressed menstruation
Blessed Thistle-treats painful menstruation and helps to balance the hormones
Oat Straw-Depression, anxiety, irritability
Cinnamon Chips-Reduces stress, increases blood circulation

Disclaimer: The information stated within is used for educational purposes only and shall not be construed as medical cures, diagnoses, or preventions. Please seek a medical professional if you need medical attention. The properties of herbs can be used to assist in energy healing. Please do not ingest.

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