• Anise Seeds 1oz. Dry Seeds
  • Anise Seeds 1oz. Dry Seeds
Anise Seeds 1oz. Dry Seeds

Anise Seeds 1oz. Dry Seeds

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Anise Seeds (Foeniculum vulgare

-Available in 1 oz.

-Sealed in a silver standup zip pouch for freshness


*Health Benefits:

  • Relieving Digestive Disorders

  • Nausea

  • Abdominal pain

  • Colicky symptoms in the intestinal tract, especially in nursing babies and infants

  • Stops spasmodic flatulence

  • Can also improve appetite

  • Sometimes used to increase nursing mother's milk supply

  • Loosens phlegm

  • Eases the discomforts of bronchitis, asthma, influenza, pneumonia, sinusitis and coughs. 

  • Often used by herbalists to soothe allergic eczema

  • Prevents hormonal imbalances

  • Treats menstrual difficulties (amenorrhea). 

  • Has a reputation for increasing the libido in both men and women

  • For men, it is recommended to treat erection problems

  • A fantastic remedy for bad breath!

  • Has strong antioxidant activity, superior to BHT and BHA.

  • Used to promote good digestion

  • improve appetite

  • alleviate cramps and griping, or sharp pains and grumbling in the bowels

  • Also helps in regular and normal bowel movements. 

  • Herbalists would recommend Anise for battling constipation, dysentery

  • Enhancing digestion

  • Soothes infants with colic

  • Serves as a natural antacid and can be used to replace either Tums or Rolaids in the treatment of heartburn and indigestion in affected individuals

  • Abdominal pains and hiccups in babies can be helped with the use of this Anise Seed herbal supplement. (Babies under six months should be given 2 to 3 drops, water based only)

  • Has the ability to relieve various types of pain

  • It is a very safe herb and using it is not linked to any serious unwanted side effects except personal sensitivity to Anise seeds. 

  • Recommended for nervous asthenia

  • Migraines

  • Vertigo

  • Rheumatism

Magickal Properties:

  • Anise seeds are an herb of protection said to avert all evil. 

  • In ancient Roman times, they were baked into a cake that was served at the end of the wedding feast. 

  • Purification, Protection; entices spirits to aid in spells; 

  • Divination; psychic awareness; 

  • Youth; In a pillow it wards off nightmares.


  • Antioxidants              

  • Phosphorus                  

  • Vitamin C                   

  • Calcium                      

  • Potassium                    

  • Vitamin B1                  

  • Iron                            

  • Copper                         

  • Vitamin B2

  • Magnesium                

  • Zinc                              

  • Vitamin B3

  • Manganese               

  •  Vitamin A                     

  • Vitamin B5

  • Vitamin B6                

  • Vitamin E


  • Avoid if you have inflammatory or allergic skin conditions

  • Large doses can have a narcotic effect

  • Avoid excess use

  • Women who are in their first term of pregnancy should refrain from taking this herb. Small amounts are an exception.

Methods of administration:

  • Tea

  • Tincture

  • Decoction

  • Added to meals

  • Essential oil


  • Aphrodisiac

  • Carminative

  • Expectorant

  • Antioxidant

  • Tonic

  • Antispasmodic

Drug Interactions:

  • Blood thinners

  • Iron supplements

***Please double check with an interaction checker (Web MD) to see if any prescription medications you're on might interact with any supplements or herbs you may be taking or wish to take***


Directions & Safety's:

  • Make a tincture/herbal extract by mixing 1 part dry herb to 4 parts alcohol (80 proof vodka NOT rubbing alcohol).  Shake every day for 6 weeks, strain and store in an amber glass bottle in the dark.  Take 6-15 drops 2 times a day for the above health reasons.

  • Gargle the tincture for a mouthwash by placing a few drops in a bit of water and gargling. Spit out.

  • Make an oil by mixing one part dried powder to 4 parts Extra Virgin olive oil.  You can either follow the directions of the tincture above but replace the alcohol with olive oil or make a double boiler on the stove by placing a pan with water on the stove with water in it and a glass container, preferably a glass measuring cup with a spout inside the pan of water.   Fill the glass container with the herb and cover with oil. Let the herb sit in the oil, stir over medium heat for 2 hours, strain and put in an amber bottle and store in a dark place.

  • Make a tea

  • Put in foods or use as a aromatic or flavoring in teas

*Disclaimer: Please do your own research before using my products for reasons other than magickal.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Discontinue use if you have any side effects. Can cause allergic reactions. Consult a health practitioner before using these products or if you have any serious medical conditions, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any medications. 

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