Sandalwood Essential Oil Spritzer, 2 oz.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil Spritzer, 2 oz.


You will receive ONE 2 oz bottle of Frankincense essential oil spray as shown above.


-Distilled Water

-Witch Hazel

-Polysorbate 20

-Rose Geranium essential Oil


-Body spray (natural perfume)- Use as a natural perfume spraying on your body and pulse points

-Room spray- Spray around the room to use as a natural room freshener

-Linen Spray- Spray laundy to keep fresh or spray onto dryer balls

-Car Freshener- Use a natural car freshener

-Bag Spray-Spray in gym bags to freshen them up

-Shoe spray- Spray into shoes after using to keep fresh and smelling clean

-Cleanse Magickal Tools- Spray onto altar tools to cleanse or use their magickal energies

-Use during magickal practices- Use during magick spells to gain the healing properties of the essential oil used

-Aura Spray- Take and spritz around your body cleansing your auric energy field

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