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Selenite Tower

Selenite Tower

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Selenite Tower

You will receive one (1) Selenite Tower similar to the one pictured. Please understand that these are all natural & unique specimens and no two are exactly alike.


Selenite is a powerful cleanser of other stones. If you place it around or near your other crystals, it will cleanse and recharge them.It is a stone of reconciliation bringing illumination, harmony , peace and balance. Selenite properties inherent in selenite meaning help people reconcile their differences by facilitating honest yet considerate communication. Selenite meaning encompasses the light of understanding or seeing the perspective of others and respecting that perspective. NOTE: Selenite needs no cleansing and cannot be placed in water to clean as it is a gypsum and it’s shine will fade. Selenite is also easily scratched because of it’s soft Mohs scale rating of 2.

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