• Iolite Crystal Vile Pendant
Iolite Crystal Vile Pendant

Iolite Crystal Vile Pendant

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Iolite Mini Vial Pendant

Size: 20x40mm glass vial bottle with pendant loop for chain.
Contents: Iolite Chip beads
Cork is sealed in with glue

Stone & Metaphysical Properties


One of the most remarkable properties of this mineral is dichroism, the stone can appear a light grey-ish to blue-ish and when the stone is turned 45 degrees, it will appear a royal blue.
Iolite heals the intestinal tract and stomach, due to this property it stimulates the metabolism. Protects its wearer against cancer of the stomach and intestines.
Use when you have vicarious veins and oedema. 
Iolite is also known as Cordierite.

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