• Snow Quartz Pentacle Charm
Snow Quartz Pentacle Charm

Snow Quartz Pentacle Charm

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Snow Quartz Pentacle Charm

You will receive One (1) Snow Quartz Pentacle charm similar to the one in the photo. These are handmade with Snow Quartz chip beads so the beads on your charm will be different and unique! No two are alike.

Snow Quartz Properties:

Snow quartz can be used to stop emotions from overflowing.
To control emotional outbursts.
It's ideal for people who are highly strung, and often let their emotions run away from them.
Snow quartz can freeze emotions, and allow them to consolidate.
The crystal will absorb emotional states and help control the flow.
it is best to meditate on the crystal once a week and find out just what the crystal has been absorbing and controlling.
The crystal will NOT solve the problem it will only aid the effect of the problem and show you the nature of the problem.
Stepping past emotional states is something the mind has to do, by recognizing the emotions and where they come from. 

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