• Sodalite Charm
Sodalite Charm

Sodalite Charm

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Sodalite Charm
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You will receive One (1) Sodalite Pentacle charm similar to the one in the photo. These are handmade with Sodalite chip beads so the beads on your charm will be different and unique! No two are alike.

Sodalite Properties:

Soothes restlessness
Promotes faithfulness
Helps intuition and the third eye,
Helps against high blood pressure.
Sodalite harmonizes and  strengthens the nerves
Promotes self faithfulness.
Sodalite gives one the courage to stand behind one’s own opinions and to realize goals.
Puts one at ease especially those that suffer from nervous disorders. In magick Sodalite is used for healing, peace and wisdom.
Sodalite is also an excellent meditation stone. 

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