• Himalayan Salt Bar
Himalayan Salt Bar

Himalayan Salt Bar

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Himalayan Salt Bar
Net Weight: About 280g (slightly varies in size)
Net Size: About 3” x 2.5” x 4”

You will receive One (1) Himalayan Salt Bar like the ones shown in the Photos.

 Stimulates the entire body
 Removes dead skin cells
 Helps with the removal of toxins from your skin
 Great skin exfoliation
 Strengthens and firms skin tissue
 Cleanses your skins pores
Himalayan salt, with a whopping 84 minerals and trace elements, may provide therapeutic benefit for a variety of ailments and dis-eases such as asthma, lung infections, acne, bronchitis, sinus conditions, eczema & psoriasis and More!
Suggested use:
After your shower moisten and rub salt bar between your hands or onto a washcloth. Apply to your skin and let it air dry. You will encounter a burning feeling that will disappear after a few minutes. If your skin feels tense after you can apply some oil to your skin without removing the effects of the salt bar. Try to wait up to 20 minutes before applying any oils so the minerals of the salt bar can set.
Other Uses:
You can use this soap on your face after shaving.
Use it to help treat herpes sores.
Great for insect bites.
Decreases muscle cramps and soreness.
One bar of salt soap may last for 2 or 3 months. Salt soap is 100% crystalline salt with no chemical additives.
If the soap becomes slightly rough or jagged after some use the top surface can be smoothed again with a kitchen pot scourer.
Caution: Keep away from eyes as salt in bar will sting. Do not rub or use the way a traditional soap bar is rubbed against the body. The salt bar will scratch sensitive skin.

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