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White Sage Bundle

White Sage Bundle

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White Sage Bundle

You will receive One (1) Sage bundle.

White sage has a very distinct smell. I’ve always said it smells like hamburgers and onions. But I Love the smell of white sage. You’ll notice after you light the tip and then blow it out that the scent becomes stronger. Most connect this with a spirituality.. White sage has been used throughout time to “smudge” or cleanse the negative energies of an area. This could be a room, a person, a tool, or various others things like crystals, other herbs and objects and altars. The smoke is actually very calming and has the ability to calm down moods and stress.

Use white Sage to cleanse:

Your Altar
Yourself (your body)
The rooms in your house
Your magickal tools
Your crystals
Before ritual or meditation
When you feel stressed
After guests have left your home
If you move into someone else's home

To use your Sage bundle:

Light the bigger end opposite the harder stems. Wait until it sets on fire and blow out when you see the sage starting to burn. Waft the smoke through the air and around an area with a feather, your hand or by waving the sage stick. It would be better if you contained it within an Abolone shell or an ashtray so it doesnt burn anything. Make sure to carry the Abalone Shell underneath so if embers from the bundle drop, nothing sets on fire. When you have smudged an area, feel free to leave the lit sage bundle attended in the shell on a safe surface or set on the wooden stand.


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