• Masculine Energy Pendant
Masculine Energy Pendant

Masculine Energy Pendant

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Masculine Energy Pendant


Behold the Masculine power of the herbs contained within. These herbs work well with masculine energies and the male body. Carry these herbs with you to balance masculine energy. Females can wear this pendant too to balance their own natural testosterone.

Properties of Herbs:

Arnica- Helps repair tired overworked muscles, eases stiffness and pain
Basil- Can strengthen the vitality of the sperm and prevent infertility.
Dandelion- High vitamins and minerals for any body.
Oat Straw- Improves libido
Astragalus- Protects liver from Cancer and toxins, helps reduce acid in the stomach and bowels.
Anise Seeds- has the ability to inhibit men from dreaming when they need to cease thinking about things, and so they get a good night sleep. Has been known to increase the male libido. The Magickal element is Air and the gender is Masculine.
Cloves- Has been known to increase the male libido
Skullcap- A great nervine. Good for stress and for the heart.

Disclaimer: The information stated within is used for educational purposes only and shall not be construed as medical cures, diagnoses, or preventions. Please seek a medical professional if you need medical attention. The properties of herbs can be used to assist in energy healing. Please do not ingest.

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