• Fluorite Crystal Vile Pendant
Fluorite Crystal Vile Pendant

Fluorite Crystal Vile Pendant

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Fluorite Mini Vial Pendant

Size: 20x40mm glass vial bottle with pendant loop for chain.
Contents: Fluorite Chip beads
Cork is sealed in with glue

Stone & Properties

Promotes creative thinking and lifts the mind.
This stone gives rest and helps in case of disturbances in the brain waves
Enhances concentration
Clears the mind and environment
Inner peace and quiet
Helps fulfill wishes
Promotes love for others and total love.
Promotes joy
This is the stone of the future and is suited for spiritually highly developed people.
A protection stone.
Use in case of arthritis, infections, flu, the early stages of cancer, lungs, liver
Helpful with Down's syndrome, for ears, skeleton and viral infections
Sexual problems
All sorts of fears
Strengthens teeth and bones
For spleen and veins

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