• Moonstone Crystal Vile Pendant
Moonstone Crystal Vile Pendant

Moonstone Crystal Vile Pendant

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Moonstone Mini Vial Pendant

Size: 20x40mm glass vial bottle with pendant loop for chain.
Contents: Moonstone Chip beads
Cork is sealed in with glue

Stone & Metaphysical Properties


Promotes pregnancy
Harmonizes the hormones
Helps against stomach acid and menstrual problems
Promotes happiness, softens the emotional life.
Against anorexia
Promotes the ability to learn
Gives harmony
Negotiation skills
Sensitivity and well balance.
For stomach, pancreas, intestines, lymph nodes and spleen.
Against travel illness, accidents and poisoning and promotes a healthy metabolism.
Moonstone protects on journeys and gives inspiration in love.
This stone attracts love and is therefore used in love spells. 

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