• Arnica Flowers 1 oz. Dry Flowers
Arnica Flowers 1 oz. Dry Flowers

Arnica Flowers 1 oz. Dry Flowers

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Arnica (Heteroteca inuloids) Dry Herb


-Available in 1 oz.

-Sealed in a silver standup zip pouch for freshness



*Health Benefits:

·  Stimulates Healing Of The Tissues and Minor Muscle aches

·  Helps regenerate the tissue and is good for the treatment of all injuries resulting from impact, falls, stabs and cuts

·  Has been used topically for a wide range of conditions

·  Bruises

·  Sprains

·  Muscle aches

·  Wound healing

·  Contusions

·  Acne

·  Superficial phlebitis

·  Rheumatic pain

·  Inflammation from insect bites

·  Swelling due to fractures. 

·  Reduce cholesterol when taken internally

·  Arnica has also been used for certain heart disorders

·  It is used internally to reduce cholesterol

·  Known to stimulate blood circulation

·  Can raise blood pressure, especially in the coronary arteries

·  Particularly helpful for soaking tired, aching feet

·  May even help emotional trauma and depression

·  Poor blood circulation

·  Incontinence

·  Vertigo

·  Migraines and tension headaches

·  Relieves pain and relax muscles

·  Has been used for centuries because of its ability to cure wounds, heal inflammation and decrease pain

·  Arnica, in a cream, is also used to treat pain and inflammation resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain and arthritis

·  Also been used to relieve back pain and abdominal pains

·  Traditionally used as a topical treatment for burns, eczema and chapped lips

·  Good for irritated nostrils

·  Treats acne

·  Leg ulcers in diabetic patients.


Magickal Properties

·  Keeps unwanted spirits at bay

·  Abundance

·  Healing

·  Protection

·  Psychic ability 

·  Protective rituals

·  Plant to keep spirits away

·  Keeps thunderstorms away



·  Should not be applied to an open wound as it can cause painful irritation

·  Check with a healthcare professional before using internally

·  People with high blood pressure or heart disease should consult their healthcare provider before using

·  Consult doctor if you are pregnant or nursing

·  People who are hypersensitive or allergic to this herb should avoid using it


Methods of administration:

·  Soaks

·  Tincture

·  Massage oil

·  Massage creams

·  Gargle



  • Anti-inflammatory

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